1.  20


    It’s a really, really light nail-art. You almost can’t even see what’s on my nail. Can you see it..?

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    konad swatches nail art nail polish 

  2.  24


    Sometimes i like metallic polishes, not really my favorite finish. But he.. they are for sale.

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    metallic blue L.A. Girl swatches nail polish 

  3.  19


    A really neat light blue. Perfect base for a daisy nail art.

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    P2 nail polish swatches blue 

  4.  18


    Almost a perfect see blue. A bit more green and it would be even móre perfect.

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    diamond cosmetics nail polish swatches blue 

  5.  20


    Really, really dark! But i guess you can still see that it’s blue, right?

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    China Glaze swatches nail polish blue 

  6.  34


    Oh god.. Photo overload!! These are nail-art twins, and i love them. They are cheap and give you a nice look really quickly.


    Essence Nail art nailpolish swatches blue glitter 

  7.  10


    Catrice doesn’t even know what color they made.. So they let the choise to the viewer. I think it’s blue!

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    Catrice nailpolish swatches blue green 

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    Woep woep, i wanna see some nail art. I wanted something that reminded me of the summer days. So some flowers it is.

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    Nail art swatches nailpolish flowers 

  9.  8


    One of my new favorites. It’s Alive! Doesn’t that sound creepy. hihi. It finishes matt but has the sparkle from the bigger glitter.

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    China Glaze It's Alive Green Nail polish Swatches 

  10.  10


    I like the shallow glitter in it. And that it’s more chique color of green.

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    nailopedia.nl swatches nailpolish green diamond cosmetics