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    Are you getting it..?

    All the photo’s i post of the nails are mine. Unless stated otherwise offcourse. But the nails, the hands, the photo’s.. Al mine.

    If you are Dutch, you can read a lot more about the polishes then i say here. Or just use google translate. Go take a look at nailopedia.nl <- just click it! I know you want to.. There you can read what i think about the polishes, more then the one sentence i use here. Haha. But keep in mind that i’m funnier with my comments on tumblr then on my website.

    BTW.. give a reaction if you even read this. Just wondering if i have any ‘fans’, or haters or whatever. You can also always ask something in my ask box, or whatever that is called. I will try to answer it. Even if it’s personal (not tó personal!)..

    Hugs Merel.



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    I like the shallow glitter in it. And that it’s more chique color of green.

    (Source: nailopedia.nl)


    nailopedia.nl swatches nailpolish green diamond cosmetics 

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    I think more people should wear this color in the autumn months, just to brighten up the world.

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    nailopedia.nl green neon nailpolish swatches Catrice 

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    It isn’t for sale anymore, but i kinda only bought it for the polkadots, hihi..

    (Source: nailopedia.nl)


    nailopedia.nl swatches H&amp;M green mint nailpolish 

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    I wanted this one from the Suede collection. But boo hoo, that one isn’t for sale in the Netherlands (any sweet American followers?). Now bought it in the shiny finish.

    (Source: nailopedia.nl)


    nailopedia.nl swatches opi nailpolish green 

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    I love the whole cosmic FX collection, but only bought this one ‘cause i love greens!

    (Source: nailopedia.nl)


    nailopedia.nl orly green nailpolish swatches 

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    I had to make an animal nail art. To be a bit more authentic i made a Giraffe!

    (Source: nailopedia.nl)


    Nail-art Giraffe nailpolish nailopedia.nl 

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    Again, what is it with light colors and that they are almost always see through.

    (Source: nailopedia.nl)


    Barry M nailpolish nailopedia.nl swatches 

  9. To bad that it’s so see through.. But i like the glitters.

    (Source: nailopedia.nl)


    nailopedia.nl swatches china glaze nailpolish 

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    Again.. one that’s not to buy in the Netherlands. Bought it in Germany, brand is matchable with Catrice and Essence.

    (Source: nailopedia.nl)


    nailopedia.nl swatches p2 nailpolish